Desmoid tumor resources

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SpringWorks Therapeutics can help you in providing up-to-date desmoid tumor resources and information to help you navigate your condition.

Know what to ask your doctor about desmoid tumors

You may want to bring this Doctor Discussion Guide with you to your next appointment to help get the answers you need about desmoid tumors.

Desmoid tumors may be rare, but you are not alone

Real Stories From Patients With Desmoid Tumors

DeAnn’s Story

“When I found the first couple of patients through the internet, the feeling is super exciting because you’ve never talked to anybody and they’ve never talked to anybody with a tumor either, and you have this immediate bond that you want to share.”

DeAnn, patient with a desmoid tumor

Advocacy Groups and Additional Resources*

You may find it helpful to reach out to the organizations listed below for information, support, or to connect with others who are living with desmoid tumors.

I am not only a desmoid tumor patient, but I have a desmoid tumor and it is a part of me. Let’s fight, let’s spread awareness. That’s just who I’ve become.

Amy, patient with a desmoid tumor

Amy smiling

You can also visit these websites for additional information about desmoid tumors.

  • Desmoidians on Facebook Link
  • National Cancer Institute Link
  • Find a Sarcoma Center Link

My big thing is, even though I have this, I’m still a dad. I’m still me. I’m not going to change.

Brad, patient with a desmoid tumor

Brad in a graduation cap

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